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Research Opportunties

Nature Deficit Disorder Research: The Heart J Center brings in hundreds of kids of all ages a year providing a rich opportunity for researchers to study the effects of experiential leaning and to help devise innovative ways to build emotional bonds with nature. The development of Ph.D dissertations as well as faculty-driven research are encouraged.


Biodiversity and Field Ecology Research: Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch lies about 10 miles west of Loveland, Colorado in foothills and mesa landscapes that house a unique mosaic of habitat types and landforms. With 3,200 acres of wildlife habitat interspersed with National Forest, the diversity of animals and plants in the area provides myriad research opportunites for students and faulty.  


Geology: The Ranch also provides unique geologic configurations with rocks ranging from 1.8 billion year old granite to more recent gravels from the last Ice Age a few thousands years old.



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